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no overlap in demand for left hemisphere resources, respectively. The test was later adopted to study hemispheric memory dominance but was met This observation was reproduced using a visual search task as well, with the  Oct 29, 2019 Better focus; Calm mindset; 55+ memory and mood; Performance focused If the left side of the brain is dominant, the person is logical and more academically inclined. Left hemisphere dominant people are visual lear Jan 23, 2018 In AD subjects, low scores on the word list learning test and delayed recall test were associated with left dominant hypoperfusion/hypometabolism  Cerebral dominance Definition Cerebral dominance refers to the dominance of one such as planning of complex movements, memory, personality, elaboration of other esthetical patterns, understanding of connotations in verbal speeche Some verbal tasks, particularly verbal fluency, verbal memory, and  Psychiat., 1970, 33, 408-411. Unilateral electroconvulsive therapy and cerebral dominance: effect of right- and left-sided electrode placement on verbal memory.

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Gottlieb G, Wilson I. PMID: 5839262 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] MeSH Terms. Adult; Dominance, Cerebral; Electroconvulsive Therapy* Functional Laterality* Humans; Memory* Parietal Lobe/physiology* Temporal Lobe/physiology* Verbal Behavior* Unilateral electroconvulsive therapy and cerebral dominance: effect of right- and left-sided electrode placement on verbal memory. Fleminger JJ, de Horne DJ, Nott PN. Unilateral electroconvulsive therapy was given to 32 right-handed patients for relief of depression. 1975-06-01 1973-05-01 CEREBRAL DOMINANCE AND THE PERCEPTION OF VERBAL STIMULI1 DOREEN KIMURA?

Inequity in physiotherapeutic interventions for children with Cerebral Palsy in Sweden - a Predicting auditory distraction in short-term memory. Presidential Manifestation of Verbal Dominance : A discourse analysis of conversational  cerebral palsy was not a direct efect of brain injury but rather due to the lack of ability to impairment in perception, memory, language, conceptualization, and in evolving defnition would come to include references to both verbal and Before therapy 131 of the children (valid = 63%) had right dominant hearing and after.

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CTOPP. (Phonological.

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2008-07-01 Auditory and verbal working memory deficits in a child with congenital aniridia due to a PAX6 mutation Int J Audiol. 2007 Apr;46(4):196-202. doi: 10.1080/14992020601175952.

1975-06-01 1973-05-01 CEREBRAL DOMINANCE AND THE PERCEPTION OF VERBAL STIMULI1 DOREEN KIMURA? McGtU University IN A PREVIOUS STUDY (Kimura, 1961) the writer demonstrated that, when different digits are presented simultaneously to the two ears, the following Disturbances of verbal memory in local lesions of the left and right cerebral hemispheres. Mikadze YuV. PMID: 4022323 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] MeSH Terms. Brain Diseases/complications; Brain Diseases/pathology; Brain Mapping; Cerebral Cortex*/pathology; Cerebral Cortex*/physiology; Dominance, Cerebral; Humans; Memory/physiology; Memory Disorders/etiology* left-earpreference in a verbal dichotic listening task. The reverse was found with 103 subjects with left-cerebral dominance for speech. Furthermore, the presence of uni¬ lateral cerebral damage could not account for these rela¬ tionships.
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The relationship between cerebral dominance and handedness in these subjects was less consistent.

Cerebral auditory plasticity and cochlear implants. interkostalmuskulatur, pulmonell omogenhet, och bristande cerebral respiratorisk kontroll DM nedärvs autosomalt dominant med hög penetrans.
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doi: 10.1080/14992020601175952. Dominance, Cerebral / genetics* Dominance, Cerebral / physiology 2019-09-01 2006-08-01 Cerebral Dominance and Language.

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Spatiala funktioner. och parietalloben Psykologiska

Towards a General, Continuous Model of Turn-taking in Spoken Dialogue using LSTM Making Turn-taking Decisions for an Active Listening Robot for Memory Training.

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2021-03-21 · All involved primarily verbal output (speech and writing) and spared verbal comprehension. Written language skills (reading and spelling), verbal memory, and verbal reasoning abilities were impaired to varying degrees. These impairments were associated with crossed cerebral dominance.

1970 Jun; 33 (3):408–411. [PMC free article] Gottlieb G, Wilson I. Cerebral dominance: temporary disruption of verbal memory by unilateral electroconvulsive shock treatment. The correlation between postmortem cerebral volume and verbal IQ was +.51 for right-handed women and +.62 for right-handed men. The correlations were comparable irrespective of hemisphere. Moreover, there was a striking sex difference in the relationship between age and brain volume.